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Multiple Intelligence Theory – Understanding of Interests Help in Choosing the Right Career


By []Krishna D.

Dr. Howard Gardner introduced and proposed the theory of ‘Multiple Intelligence’ in his book, “Frames of Mind” in the year 1983 and since then the theory has got universal acceptance. Many educators and educational Institutions have embraced this theory in meeting the learning requirements of the learners at various levels. The reason behind the overwhelming acceptance is the fact that there are eight possible ways of imparting education and also to understand a child’s interests and intelligence.

Dr. Gardner believes that every individual has either one or more than one of the following intelligences:

1. Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence

2. Logical/Mathematical Intelligence

3. Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence

4. Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence

5. Visual/Spatial Intelligence

6. Interpersonal Intelligence

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence

8. Naturalistic Intelligence.

1.Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence: People with verbal/linguistic kind of intelligence have a flair for languages; they nurture interest towards learning different languages and are able to do it quite faster than many others. They show special interest towards reading, writing and interacting with people. They like to participate in debates, discussions, seminars etc. They enjoying listening to lectures and taking notes. They are excellent in remembering any kind of information even dates. They are good in grammar, syntax and structure. They have the ability to explain things in details and teach people. People with verbal / linguistic Intelligence perform well in positions where they get opportunities to utilize the skills of language articulation. Usually they excel as teachers, lawyers, writers and politicians. They learn well through reading, listening to lectures in the class, taking notes, interacting with friends and do well in exams because of their good memory power.

2. Logical/Mathematical Intelligence: People with Logical/Mathematical intelligence have the ability to think in a logical manner. They have the ability to reason things. They are good at mathematical calculations. They are good at solving problems. They can play chess quite well. They excel as engineers, computer programmers, software developers, economists, accountants and scientists. They learn well when they are given logical and analytical problems to be solved. They perform extremely well in aptitude tests. They like to solve riddles and puzzles.

3. Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence: People with bodily/kinesthetic intelligence enjoy physical movement. They like to play and dance. Physical activity is more important for them. They do very well in the field of sports. They usually associate themselves with dance and the theatrical performances. Most of them fare well in similar professions. They learn well when the learning involves lot of physical activity more than classroom lectures.

4. Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence: People with this intelligence have musical bent of mind. They have natural inclination towards music. Music in any form attracts them. Students with such intelligence learn well in a musical environment. They have good listening skills. They appreciate music in any form or language and have sensitivity towards it. Naturally they fare well as singers, musicians and composers.

5. Visual/Spatial Intelligence: Such people have strong sense of judgment. They are good at imagination. They have strong ability to visualize. They have an artistic bent of mind. Naturally they fare well in creative arts. With their power of imagination they become good artistes, painters, designers, directors and architects. Students with this kind of intelligence learn well when their creative abilities are triggered by creating favorable environment in the classroom.

6. Interpersonal Intelligence: People with interpersonal skills have good social awareness. They understand people and their way of thinking. They have the ability to strike a conversation with a stranger. They never hesitate to talk to people. They are often described as extroverts. They become stars in any party they visit because of their conversational skills. They have team spirit. They fare well in public relation kind of jobs. They do well in the hospitality Industry and also as marketing professionals. Such students can do wonders if they are put in a team. They learn well in situations where they are required to talk and convince people.

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence: People with this intelligence have good self awareness. They perform better in isolation, than in teams. They are usually described as introverts. They do a lot of self- introspection. They understand themselves very well. They communicate with themselves quite often. They avoid conversation with others unless they are forced to talk. They fare well in desk jobs where there is no requirement of talking. They prefer to work silently on their own. They shine very well as writers, painters, philosophers, scientists and computer programmers.

8. Naturalistic Intelligence: People with naturalistic intelligence have inclination towards nature. They prefer to be close to nature. They like naturalistic atmosphere around them. Such students can learn better in natural settings. They do well as conversationalists, gardeners and agriculturists.

Article Source: [—Understanding-of-Interests-Help-in-Choosing-the-Right-Career&id=7311882] Multiple Intelligence Theory – Understanding of Interests Help in Choosing the Right Career


Vijaya Dashami


Vijaya Dashami is celebrated on the 10th day of Navratri or Durha Puja.The festival is  dedicated to the worship of Mother Goddess Durga.

Durga Puja is a Hindu festival of Mother Goddess, celebrated with enthusiasm, devotion and passion. The festival is celebrated for 10 days during the season of Autumn with grandeur, gaiety and splendor. The grand celebration of the festival of Durga Puja can be seen in the state of West Bengal and also the rest of India. The festival is also known as Dusshera and Navratri. In Bengal it is known as ‘Durga Puja’. Bengalee speaking people all over the World gather together to celebrate this annual festival where ever in the World, they might be. It is a time of getting emotionally attached with one’s community and traditions.

The festival of Durga Puja in Bengal is not just a religious festival It is more about social gathering shedding off the barriers of caste, creed, religion and colour. All are equal in this festival. The festival belongs to everyone. The most significant aspect of this festival is that it is a community festival where the entire community gathers together to reconnect with each other and spread the message of equality and brotherhood.

The city of Kolkata and also all other parts of India decks up with magnificent  pandals, beautifully and artistically crafted idols of Goddess Durga, chanting of hymns by the priests, loud music, bright lights and ofcourse the wide display of various food talls complete the picture of fanfare. The idols of Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Sarawati, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya are made with clay. It takes nearly 6 months for the artisans to complete the idols giving them the shape and expressions as prescribed in the hindu scriptures.

The season of autumn brings with it, the fragnance of Durga Puja. People forget all their agonies, worries and qualms to surrender themselves completely on the feet of Mother Goddess seeking her blessings.

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The Hindu festival of Goddess Durga-Navratri


Navaratri is a hindu festival which is being celebrated in India with devotion and gaiety. The Indian  word, ‘Navaratri’ means 9 nights.  This 9 nights and 10 days festival is known as Navaratri all over India. This festival is  dedicated to the worship of Mother Goddess Durga. The festival Navratri is one of the major festivals of Hindus along with Diwali – the festival of lights.


Navratri is celebrated twice a year. Once in the Spring season and the other in the  Autumn season.It is the biggest festival of the state of West Bengal, Gujarat and almost all the states of India. The number 9 denotes worship of 9 form of Goddess Durga known as Nava Durga, for 9 days. Nava-durga or the 9 forms of Goddess Durga are Skandamata, Kusumananda, Shailaputri, Kaalratri, Brahmacharini, Maha Gauri, Katyayini, Channdaghanta and Siddhidhatri.The tenth day is celebrated as Vijaya Dashami.

The first 3 days out of 9 days are dedicated towards the worship of Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is considered to be the Universal mother by Hindus and is referred to as ‘Shakti’ which means the energy or power of the entire universe. Goddess Durga represents the infinite love and affection of a mother and the limitless energy of Womanhood. Devotees invoke the power and blessings of Goddess Durga to remove all negative thoughts from their mind. The other names of Goddess Durga are Parvati, Uma, Bhavani, Gauri and Mahishasurmardini.

‘Mahishasurmardini’ is the name given to Goddess Durga as she is the one who has destroyed evil demon Mahishasura who was creating havoc on heaven and earth.

The next 3 days, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth, happiness, peace and prosperity.

The final 3 days are dedicated to worship of Goddess Sarawati. Goddess Sarawati is regarded as the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom.

The worship of the 3 Goddesses brings peace of mind, positive thoughts and wisdom to the devotees. Goddess  Durga is also regarded as ‘Durgatinashini’ which means the one who removes all hurdles, obstacles, troubles, difficulties and fear. Worship of Mother Goddess brings peace, prosperity, wisdom, spiritual knowledge and removes all difficulties, pains and fears.


9 Tips on Writing Articles from Experienced Writers


Reading nourishes our mind and encourages us to express what we gain through reading. A good piece of writing is highly motivating for the Writer and enlightening for the reader. On the platform of a writing website, we all are both writers as well as readers. Let us see few important tips which will help u become better writers on our journey of writing.

1. Start Writing: As we all know, practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, the task of writing, eventually will make a writer more proficient in his/her craft. There has to be a beginning for achieving something worthy in this life. Writers with a flair of writing will be able to write effortlessly once they decide to do the first thing that is to start writing.

2. Looking for the much needed inspiration to begin: Our surrounding offers tremendous possibilities of inspiration for writers. A writer enjoys the freedom to express thoughts and ideas on any topic that interests him/her. Life in itself is a big inspiration. The up’s and down’s of life often inspire us to express and ventilate ourselves in the form of writing.

3. Self Motivation comes from passion for writing: Passion for writing motivates me to write inspite several hurdles and obstacles. Time constrains are always there for everyone. It is the passion, the pure interest and the desire to see my written work published, motivates me to write, write and more write.

4. Readers look for Solutions: The internet is over-loaded with information. This is also true that everyone is seeking information and looking for solution to their problems. Usually, readers look for a piece of written work from which they can gain something. As readers, we wish to learn something new from an article. As writers, we should focus upon providing something useful and beneficial to our readers. As writers, if we are able to solve the problems of our readers, we are successful.

5. A Title should be able to capture attention: A good title is one which doesn’t give the the entire information contained in the article but should be just enough to advertise what the article is all about.

6. Paragraphs should be limited to 5 sentences: Ideas should be conveyed one by one through paragraphs and each paragraph should not be more than 5 sentences each. An able writer will always be able to convey the idea to the point rather than beating around the bush.

7. Step by step approach makes Writing easy: A 6 steps approach will make the process of writing easy and enjoyable.

Step 1: Think of a problem from the reader’s point of view.

Step 2: Find out several ways of solving the problem. Atleast 6 different ways to solve the problem.

Step 3: Research on the issue and find some more information which can be of some use to the writers.

Step 4: Food for thought and Idea generation. A writer’s brain becomes a work station before the actual writing begins.

Step 5: Finally, start the actual work of putting down all the ideas on paper with all the needed enthusiasm, zeal, energy and excitement.

Step 6: Experienced writers suggest to keep the draft away and to do the editing the next day.

8. Review and Proofread: Review and proofreading is a must before submitting a written work for publication. We all know very well that when we review our own written work after sometime of writing, we do come across several errors and are able to produce the improved version of ourarticle.

9. Words of Wisdom from experienced Writers: Pearls of wisdom for new writers are:

1. keep the language easily understandable by all and

2. it should be to the point.

3. Well, they also ask us to start doing it now. So, what’s the delay? Let me start writing now.


The Power of the Mind – Can the Mind Attract Positive Energy From the Universe?


By []Krishna D.

Everyone wishes to lead a life which they have always dreamt of. There always remains a gap between the actual life and the life of dreams. The gap between reality and dreams can be removed through an attitude of optimism, hope, willpower, determination, focus and hard work. The Law of Attraction suggests that we attract vibrations towards us. Now whether we attract positive vibrations or negative vibrations, it entirely depends upon us. If we want positivity around us and in our lives, our thought process should be directed towards positivism, so as to attract positive vibrations from the Universal energy. The Law of the Universe also suggests that everything that we send comes back to us. If we send the signals of hatred, envy, enmity, anger and everything that attracts negativity naturally negative energies will get stimulated and will be attracted.

The human mind has tremendous power. It has the power to attract the energies of this Universe. So, it all depends upon us to take charge of our emotions and learn how to use them constructively towards building a better life, a better society and ultimately a better World for everyone to life happily. The emotions of anger, frustration, irritation, depression, annoyance, resentment, bitterness and envy need to be removed from the mind. It is not very easy but can be achieved through practice.

The mind needs to be trained to be happy, calm, serene, peaceful, hopeful, joyful, blissful, contended and positive to bring an atmosphere of peace and serenity in this world. A happy and optimistic person always makes the right decision, makes the right choices and understands the opportunities to make life more satisfying. A person becomes more confident, secure and intelligent.

Training of the mind is possible through reading good books written by spiritual leaders, chanting the holy name of God, speaking and maintaining company with enlightened people. The company of people who entertain negative thoughts should be avoided. Upliftment of mind also takes place through noble deeds like helping the poor and needy, giving food to the hungry, charity, donations and humbleness.

Faith, belief and trust are again important pillars of a strong mind. A strong mind always looks for opportunities towards self growth and development. Such people believe in expansion of their skills and abilities. They always try to grow beyond boundaries and aim to achieve the unattainable. They follow a journey of inspiration, creativity, faith, firmness and perseverance. To live happily and create a life of positivism, we need to undergo a process or a journey starting from now, this very moment.

The Universe has abundance of positive energy. When we are able to train the mind and direct it towards attainment of spiritual, peaceful and constructive goals, we will be able to attract abundant positive energy from the Universe. The great author of ‘The Alchemist’ Paulo Coelho also gives the same message that when we focus our attention towards our goal; the whole Universe conspires to make it happen for us, creating opportunities all through our journey and guiding us with signals.

Article Source: [—Can-the-Mind-Attract-Positive-Energy-From-the-Universe?&id=7319702] The Power of the Mind – Can the Mind Attract Positive Energy From the Universe?



Today is Mahalaya which is the first day of the 10 days festival of Devi Navaratri in India. The tenth day is celebrated as Dushera. The day is also known as Vijaya Dashami. The day has special significance in Hinduism as it marks the victory of Good or Divine power over evil forces. It wasMother Goddess who faught and rescued people on earth from the demons. This is one of the major festivals of Hindus. These 10 days and 9 nights [Navaratri] are considered highly auspicious by people who follow Hinduism.

Goddess Durga is considered to be the Mother of this Universe and she represents the limitless power of the Woman as a Mother. These 10 days are dedicated to worship the divine mother. It is celebrated in a very grand manner in West Bengal and all over India.

Mahalaya is the beginning of this auspicious festival. The auspicious day of Mahalaya starts with early morning chants offered to invoke the blessings of Mother Goddess. This day has special significance in the life of the people of Bengal. The early morning chants on the day of Mahalaya are hymns known as Mahishasur Mardini which describes the power of Goddess who becomes the supreme power and destroys evil whenever evil trieS to harm her children.

The day marks the arrival of Mother Goddess on earth. Bengalees all over the World, feel a sense of emotional bonding with this day and with the festival of Durga Puja. The fresh breeze of early morning  on the day of Mahalaya brings along with it the season of festivals. Durga Puja is the biggest and the grandest festivals of Bengalees.

The festival of Mother Goddess also signifies the celebration of the infinite power of Woman. Women when provoked can over-power all the powers of negativity in thi world. When her children are in danger, a mother becomes supremely strong and  gains all the capacity needned to fight against all odds. She has the ability to overcome all obstacles with the power of her mind. Every woman is a mother and deserves to be treated with affection, dignity and honour.

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Mahatma Gandhi – Lessons from philosophies of Gandhi


October 2nd every year is celebrated as Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary in India. This year, it is his 143rd birth anniversary. October 2nd is a National Holiday in India as Mahatma Gandhi is regarded as ‘The Father of the Nation’.

Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophies are admired and followed by the whole world even today. He has given many valuable lessons to the world.

Today let us focus upon some of his important teachings of life:

  1. Lead a simple life: In today’s modern life, people are engrossed in material possessions and upgraded lifestyle. Money, status, comfort, luxury and superficial happiness is what people desire today. But if we ponder over Mahatma Gandhi’s life, we can see that he has led a simple life and propagated simplistic lifestyle.
  2. Practice is better than preaching: Action speaks volumes about a person’s way of thinking. Mahatma Gandhi believed that the only way to achieve something is by doing it, however difficult it might be and not by avoiding it. He was a follower of non-violence. He showed people his way of thinking, living and leading through his actions and not by mere speeches.
  3. Forgiveness: He had strong belief in the noble quality of forgiveness. He believed struggles, fights and violence will bring an end to the World. Forgiveness is more a nobler deed than revenge. One who forgives has saintly qualities.
  4. Patience and tolerance: Patience and Tolerance are two qualities, very difficult to find among people these days. Everyone wants their things to be done instantly and within no time. But the truth is that the qualities of Patience and Tolerance can brig peace of mind, contentment and solutions to present day problems.
  5. Strength of mind: According to Mahatma Gandhi, an individual’s strength of mind has the ability to move a mountain if a channel is created towards proper direction. One of his most quoted sayings is the one in which he tells people to be the change they want to see.
  6. Control of one’s own self: Mahatma Gandhi believed that a person should have full control over his/her own self and not get disturbed, distracted or reacted upon easily. This is an important lesson of life because we often tend to react without even understanding or knowing the matter. Our emotions should be under our own control.
  7. Acceptance of the present moment: He wanted everyone to focus upon the present moment and not worry about the future which is not even uder the control of an individual.