Mahatma Gandhi – Lessons from philosophies of Gandhi


October 2nd every year is celebrated as Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary in India. This year, it is his 143rd birth anniversary. October 2nd is a National Holiday in India as Mahatma Gandhi is regarded as ‘The Father of the Nation’.

Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophies are admired and followed by the whole world even today. He has given many valuable lessons to the world.

Today let us focus upon some of his important teachings of life:

  1. Lead a simple life: In today’s modern life, people are engrossed in material possessions and upgraded lifestyle. Money, status, comfort, luxury and superficial happiness is what people desire today. But if we ponder over Mahatma Gandhi’s life, we can see that he has led a simple life and propagated simplistic lifestyle.
  2. Practice is better than preaching: Action speaks volumes about a person’s way of thinking. Mahatma Gandhi believed that the only way to achieve something is by doing it, however difficult it might be and not by avoiding it. He was a follower of non-violence. He showed people his way of thinking, living and leading through his actions and not by mere speeches.
  3. Forgiveness: He had strong belief in the noble quality of forgiveness. He believed struggles, fights and violence will bring an end to the World. Forgiveness is more a nobler deed than revenge. One who forgives has saintly qualities.
  4. Patience and tolerance: Patience and Tolerance are two qualities, very difficult to find among people these days. Everyone wants their things to be done instantly and within no time. But the truth is that the qualities of Patience and Tolerance can brig peace of mind, contentment and solutions to present day problems.
  5. Strength of mind: According to Mahatma Gandhi, an individual’s strength of mind has the ability to move a mountain if a channel is created towards proper direction. One of his most quoted sayings is the one in which he tells people to be the change they want to see.
  6. Control of one’s own self: Mahatma Gandhi believed that a person should have full control over his/her own self and not get disturbed, distracted or reacted upon easily. This is an important lesson of life because we often tend to react without even understanding or knowing the matter. Our emotions should be under our own control.
  7. Acceptance of the present moment: He wanted everyone to focus upon the present moment and not worry about the future which is not even uder the control of an individual.


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