The Power of the Mind – Can the Mind Attract Positive Energy From the Universe?


By []Krishna D.

Everyone wishes to lead a life which they have always dreamt of. There always remains a gap between the actual life and the life of dreams. The gap between reality and dreams can be removed through an attitude of optimism, hope, willpower, determination, focus and hard work. The Law of Attraction suggests that we attract vibrations towards us. Now whether we attract positive vibrations or negative vibrations, it entirely depends upon us. If we want positivity around us and in our lives, our thought process should be directed towards positivism, so as to attract positive vibrations from the Universal energy. The Law of the Universe also suggests that everything that we send comes back to us. If we send the signals of hatred, envy, enmity, anger and everything that attracts negativity naturally negative energies will get stimulated and will be attracted.

The human mind has tremendous power. It has the power to attract the energies of this Universe. So, it all depends upon us to take charge of our emotions and learn how to use them constructively towards building a better life, a better society and ultimately a better World for everyone to life happily. The emotions of anger, frustration, irritation, depression, annoyance, resentment, bitterness and envy need to be removed from the mind. It is not very easy but can be achieved through practice.

The mind needs to be trained to be happy, calm, serene, peaceful, hopeful, joyful, blissful, contended and positive to bring an atmosphere of peace and serenity in this world. A happy and optimistic person always makes the right decision, makes the right choices and understands the opportunities to make life more satisfying. A person becomes more confident, secure and intelligent.

Training of the mind is possible through reading good books written by spiritual leaders, chanting the holy name of God, speaking and maintaining company with enlightened people. The company of people who entertain negative thoughts should be avoided. Upliftment of mind also takes place through noble deeds like helping the poor and needy, giving food to the hungry, charity, donations and humbleness.

Faith, belief and trust are again important pillars of a strong mind. A strong mind always looks for opportunities towards self growth and development. Such people believe in expansion of their skills and abilities. They always try to grow beyond boundaries and aim to achieve the unattainable. They follow a journey of inspiration, creativity, faith, firmness and perseverance. To live happily and create a life of positivism, we need to undergo a process or a journey starting from now, this very moment.

The Universe has abundance of positive energy. When we are able to train the mind and direct it towards attainment of spiritual, peaceful and constructive goals, we will be able to attract abundant positive energy from the Universe. The great author of ‘The Alchemist’ Paulo Coelho also gives the same message that when we focus our attention towards our goal; the whole Universe conspires to make it happen for us, creating opportunities all through our journey and guiding us with signals.

Article Source: [—Can-the-Mind-Attract-Positive-Energy-From-the-Universe?&id=7319702] The Power of the Mind – Can the Mind Attract Positive Energy From the Universe?


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