9 Tips on Writing Articles from Experienced Writers


Reading nourishes our mind and encourages us to express what we gain through reading. A good piece of writing is highly motivating for the Writer and enlightening for the reader. On the platform of a writing website, we all are both writers as well as readers. Let us see few important tips which will help u become better writers on our journey of writing.

1. Start Writing: As we all know, practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, the task of writing, eventually will make a writer more proficient in his/her craft. There has to be a beginning for achieving something worthy in this life. Writers with a flair of writing will be able to write effortlessly once they decide to do the first thing that is to start writing.

2. Looking for the much needed inspiration to begin: Our surrounding offers tremendous possibilities of inspiration for writers. A writer enjoys the freedom to express thoughts and ideas on any topic that interests him/her. Life in itself is a big inspiration. The up’s and down’s of life often inspire us to express and ventilate ourselves in the form of writing.

3. Self Motivation comes from passion for writing: Passion for writing motivates me to write inspite several hurdles and obstacles. Time constrains are always there for everyone. It is the passion, the pure interest and the desire to see my written work published, motivates me to write, write and more write.

4. Readers look for Solutions: The internet is over-loaded with information. This is also true that everyone is seeking information and looking for solution to their problems. Usually, readers look for a piece of written work from which they can gain something. As readers, we wish to learn something new from an article. As writers, we should focus upon providing something useful and beneficial to our readers. As writers, if we are able to solve the problems of our readers, we are successful.

5. A Title should be able to capture attention: A good title is one which doesn’t give the the entire information contained in the article but should be just enough to advertise what the article is all about.

6. Paragraphs should be limited to 5 sentences: Ideas should be conveyed one by one through paragraphs and each paragraph should not be more than 5 sentences each. An able writer will always be able to convey the idea to the point rather than beating around the bush.

7. Step by step approach makes Writing easy: A 6 steps approach will make the process of writing easy and enjoyable.

Step 1: Think of a problem from the reader’s point of view.

Step 2: Find out several ways of solving the problem. Atleast 6 different ways to solve the problem.

Step 3: Research on the issue and find some more information which can be of some use to the writers.

Step 4: Food for thought and Idea generation. A writer’s brain becomes a work station before the actual writing begins.

Step 5: Finally, start the actual work of putting down all the ideas on paper with all the needed enthusiasm, zeal, energy and excitement.

Step 6: Experienced writers suggest to keep the draft away and to do the editing the next day.

8. Review and Proofread: Review and proofreading is a must before submitting a written work for publication. We all know very well that when we review our own written work after sometime of writing, we do come across several errors and are able to produce the improved version of ourarticle.

9. Words of Wisdom from experienced Writers: Pearls of wisdom for new writers are:

1. keep the language easily understandable by all and

2. it should be to the point.

3. Well, they also ask us to start doing it now. So, what’s the delay? Let me start writing now.

Source: http://blog.ezinearticles.com/2012/10/top-ten-article-writing-tips.html



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  2. I agree, for the most part–except number 5. I think that depends on you type of audience. If you are writing for a…umm….less sophisticated audience or just plain news articles, then I agree. If not, then that rule is a myth. I once had a professor tell me paragraphs can be a sentence or ten pages, as long as it stays focused on a constant idea. I’ve written lengthy paragraphs for news articles and never once been told anything. I think I even had a four page paragraph on a term paper in college once, too.

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