12/12/12: Highly Auspicious Day in History


Today the 12th of December 2012 makes an interesting date which is an interesting sequence of number 12. All over the Globe, Media has created a lot of Buzz over this date and people are celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in their unique ways.

It is believed that such repetition of number in a date will be seen only after 89 years. Such a triple date will occur next on January 1, 2101. This report makes this date even more special. It is highly amusing to find that people do care about Numbers and not just dates. Numbers are unavoidable. Our whole life revolves around numbers. Number 12 plays a significant role in our lives. We have 12 hours in a day, 12 months in a Year, and 12 astrological signs. We also have 12 in a dozen and also 12 inches in a foot.

When the clock rang 12:12: [12 Hours:12 Minutes: 12 Seconds] once at midnight and once in the afternoon, it will actually made a very interesting phenomenon of time, when the number 12 stood in a sequence for 6 times- 12:12:12 12/12/12.

In Numerology, Number 1 is represented by Sun and number 2 by Moon. Sun stands for masculine energy and individualism. Moon denotes feminine energy and balance. So, a combination of 1 and 2 is a highly auspicious combination. When we add 1 with 2, we get number 3. 3 is a divine number which is represented by Jupiter and stands for positivism and harmony. According to Numerology, it is a highly auspicious day for new beginnings of life. Any new venture, business or collaboration will reap beneficial results.

People around the Globe are celebrating this special sequence of number twelve in a date.

  1. It has been reported widely over the Internet, that nearly 7,500 brides are getting married today as they consider this day to be highly auspicious and they call it a day of love. In Kuala Lumpur, around 200 couples tied their knot outside a Chinese temple. Many couples are going to get their wedding registered today 12-12-12 in Hong Kong and in Singapore, 540 is the number. We wish them marital bliss and proceed on to see what’s happening more.
  2. There are reports that many expectant parents have already planned to welcome their children on this date. Many deliveries have already taken place all over the World when the clock witnessed a sequence of number 12 for 6 times 12:12:12 12/12/12, once at midnight and once in the afternoon.
  3. Our warm birthday wishes to all the children who are celebrating their 12 birthday today.
  4. A Global meditation on Peace and harmony took place at 12 noon on 12/12/12.
  5. 12 days to go for Christmas. Merry Christmas and May the World witness peace, love and harmony today and always.




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