December 16 is celebrated as Bahrain National Day


December 16 is celebrated as Bahrain National Day in the Kingdom of Bahrain, every year. Bahrain is also referred to as The Pearl on the Arabian Gulf. It is a small country consisting of 33 islands located inn the Gulf of Arabian Sea. It lies of the eastern side of Saudi Arabia. The country celebrates its National Day on December 16 every year. December 16 and 17 are National holidays in the Kingdom. Citizens which comprises of a big percentage of expatriate community enjoy these two days and participate wholeheartedly in the celebrations.



The Country decks up with lights which represents the two colours of Bahrain flag, red and white. The celebrations and festivities create an atmosphere of carnival. People of Bahrain take this day as an opportunity to express their love and admiration towards the Country, its people and H.  M. The King. Huge display of Bahrain Flags and Emblem all over the country indeed makes one feel a deep sense of Patriotic love. People display and carry huge flags with them and on their cars. Bahrainis usually wear traditional clothes. The National Day parade and Fireworks are the main highlights of the day.




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