24 – The Most Fortunate Number


Today is 24th day of this year – January 24th.

Number 24 is one of the most fortunate numbers in Numerology. People born on the  24th of any month belongs to this number. The total of 2 and 4 gives a 6, which is represented by Planet Venus.


Venus stands for everything that is beautiful. People with strong position of Venus are natural lovers of art, beauty, love, music, creativy, money, peace, and harmony. People born on 6th and 15th are also Number 6 people with the qualities of personality Number 6 but 24 is different. This number is above all other numbers, in my opinion.

People born on 24th of any month are extremely fortunate, trust-worthy, successful, creative, and good individuals who spread the message of love and harmony all around. They are very well-behaved and maintain a balance in everything that do. They are also very energetic, sympathetic, generous helpful and sensitive.

It is believed by Numerologists that People who take birth of this date, are blessed with a reward by God, for all the good actions done in the previous births. They are friendly to all and gel well with people born on all the numbers. They can be lavish and extravagant. People born on this date are usually great musicians, artists, painters, singers, performers, actors and Philanthropists.

To conclude, I will say that there are 24 hours in a day which we are supposed to utilise in a thoughtful and constructive manner. We also know that Pure Gold is made up of 24 carats.

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