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Pages of Life to The Pages of Written Expressions



Pages of Life to The Pages of Written Expressions

Pages of life show us a new picture every day.

Pictures which are bright, beautiful and colourful,

Yet others are in black and white with hues of grey.

Each page conveys a message.

Many a lessons we learn and so many we are forced to unlearn.

As we turn the pages of life, we come across varied experiences.

Each experience, good or bad, forces the mind to think and ponder over each occurrence.

Thoughts bring with them their own voice and opinion,

which sometimes remain suppressed deep within the closed doors of the mind.

These thoughts get a breeze of fresh air in the form of written pages.

Writing enables the free flow of thoughts and expressions,

giving ventilation to the hidden and suppressed thoughts.

This gives birth to a writer, and the writer’s journey from

The Pages of Life to The Pages of Written expressions.

(A poem written by me)