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Vasanth Panchami – The Day to worship Goddess Saraswati – The Goddess of Knowledge


‘Vasanth’ in Hindi means ‘Spring Season’ and Spring is considered to be the best of all seasons, specially in India. ‘Panchami’ means the fifth day. In Hinduism, it is beleived that Goddess Saraswati was born on this day. Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom, Music, Fine Arts and all the related fields.

Idol of Goddess Saraswati

Idol of Goddess Saraswati

The day is celebrated in Bengal and by Bengali speaking people residing, all over the world. People offer their prayers to Goddess Saraswati. Special rituals are held since early morning. Idols of Goddess Saraswati is worshiped with flowers, garlands, lamps, incense sticks amidst holy chants in Sanskrit.

Fruits, sweets  of different kinds and Khichari (traditional dish made with rice, pulses, vegetables and spices) are offered to Goddess as Naivedya or Bhoga. It is a very special day for students and educational institutions. As the season is spring, there is a tradition of wearing clothes of yellow colour. Students pray with devotion and one of the most ommon prayers in Sanskrit language is:

Saraswati Namasthubhyam

Varade Kamarupini

Vidhyarambam Karishyami

Siddhir Bavathume Sadha

May Goddess Saraswati bless us all with wisdom, knowledge, positive thoughts, and also the ability to differentiate between God and bad.




Diwali or Deepawali is the festival of lights, celebrated in India and by all India with grandeur and jubilation. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. People celebrate by offering prayers to Almighty God and by lighting lamps all around the house. Lamps are believed to bring Divine Energy and auspiciousness home driving negative energy. People greet each other, share gifts and sweets.

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It was a moment of joy for me, when I found a hand-made Diwali greeting card in my daughter’s School Bag where she returned from School. I thank her Teacher for this initiative. This made me so happy and feel so special. Happy Diwali Everyone.


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Lord Buddha and His Teachings


Today, on this auspicious day of the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha, let us all meditate upon Lord Buddha and pray for peace and harmony. Let us determine to follow the values taught by him and lead a life of truthfulness, honesty and compassion.


By Shahakshay58 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Shahakshay58 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

The day, today is a highly auspicious day, as it marks the day of Lord Buddha’s appearance, disappearance and also enlightenment. Buddhists all over the World immerse in deep meditation on the teachings of Lord Buddha on this day. This day also reminds humanity the important message that was imparted by Lord Buddha. His teachings have always been highly relevant and it is even more relevant in the corrupt society of today.

Lord Buddha was born as a Prince and was named as Siddhartha. When he realised that people undergo severe pain during their lifetime, he was immensely disturbed. Later on, he gave up his Kingdom and all its comforts, in order to seek answers for all the questions that were troubling his mind.

He realized that the main reason behind sufferings of human beings is ‘desire’.  ‘Desires’ bring dissatisfaction and sufferings. He advocated the path of detachment. He taught the principles of Karma. His main teachings included the basic values of life and way of conduct. He wanted human beings to follow the path of right thought, action and deed.

Lord Buddha appeared on the full moon day of the month of  April-May according to Hindu calender. The followers of Lord Buddha and his teachings are Buddhists and the faith is famous as Buddhism. The teachings of Lord Buddha forms the basis of Buddhism.


Vaikuntha Ekadashi – A very significant day for the devotees of Lord Vishnu


Today is Vaikuntha Ekadashi.

Ekadashi means the eleventh day. In Hindu Calender, the eleventh day from the either the full moon or the no moon night, is known as Ekadashi.  This eleventh day is considered to be an auspicious day in Hinduism.

The day has special significance for the Vaishnavas or the devotees of Lord Vishnu. It is believed to be very auspicious to observe fast on an Ekadashi day. Many devotees eat fruits and drink milk and spend the entire day in worshiping Lord Vishnu.

Of all the Ekadashi days, some has special significance.

Vaikuntha Ekadashi is one such special day.  ‘Vaikuntha’ is a sanskrit word which means’ the abode of Lord Vishnu’ or where the Lord dwells. It is believed that on this day, the gates of ‘Vaikuntha’ opens for the pious devotees.

Special arrangements are made in famous temples like Balaji Temple at Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, India and in ISKCON Temple located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. People queue up in huge numbers to have a glimpse of the Lord during the mid-night and wait until the main door of sanctum sanatorium is opened during dawn which can be anywhere between 3.30 am to 4.30 am.

Pious devotees fast on this day and chant the holy name of God. It is considered to be highly beneficial to read or chant sacred texts like the Bhagwad Gita and the Vishnu Sahasranama.

A sincere prayer and remembrance of the holy name of God is all that the Lord wants from us, Human Beings.

Glory to Lord Venkateshwara. Glory to Lord Vishnu.

Vijaya Dashami


Vijaya Dashami is celebrated on the 10th day of Navratri or Durha Puja.The festival is  dedicated to the worship of Mother Goddess Durga.

Durga Puja is a Hindu festival of Mother Goddess, celebrated with enthusiasm, devotion and passion. The festival is celebrated for 10 days during the season of Autumn with grandeur, gaiety and splendor. The grand celebration of the festival of Durga Puja can be seen in the state of West Bengal and also the rest of India. The festival is also known as Dusshera and Navratri. In Bengal it is known as ‘Durga Puja’. Bengalee speaking people all over the World gather together to celebrate this annual festival where ever in the World, they might be. It is a time of getting emotionally attached with one’s community and traditions.

The festival of Durga Puja in Bengal is not just a religious festival It is more about social gathering shedding off the barriers of caste, creed, religion and colour. All are equal in this festival. The festival belongs to everyone. The most significant aspect of this festival is that it is a community festival where the entire community gathers together to reconnect with each other and spread the message of equality and brotherhood.

The city of Kolkata and also all other parts of India decks up with magnificent  pandals, beautifully and artistically crafted idols of Goddess Durga, chanting of hymns by the priests, loud music, bright lights and ofcourse the wide display of various food talls complete the picture of fanfare. The idols of Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Sarawati, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya are made with clay. It takes nearly 6 months for the artisans to complete the idols giving them the shape and expressions as prescribed in the hindu scriptures.

The season of autumn brings with it, the fragnance of Durga Puja. People forget all their agonies, worries and qualms to surrender themselves completely on the feet of Mother Goddess seeking her blessings.

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The Power of the Mind – Can the Mind Attract Positive Energy From the Universe?


By []Krishna D.

Everyone wishes to lead a life which they have always dreamt of. There always remains a gap between the actual life and the life of dreams. The gap between reality and dreams can be removed through an attitude of optimism, hope, willpower, determination, focus and hard work. The Law of Attraction suggests that we attract vibrations towards us. Now whether we attract positive vibrations or negative vibrations, it entirely depends upon us. If we want positivity around us and in our lives, our thought process should be directed towards positivism, so as to attract positive vibrations from the Universal energy. The Law of the Universe also suggests that everything that we send comes back to us. If we send the signals of hatred, envy, enmity, anger and everything that attracts negativity naturally negative energies will get stimulated and will be attracted.

The human mind has tremendous power. It has the power to attract the energies of this Universe. So, it all depends upon us to take charge of our emotions and learn how to use them constructively towards building a better life, a better society and ultimately a better World for everyone to life happily. The emotions of anger, frustration, irritation, depression, annoyance, resentment, bitterness and envy need to be removed from the mind. It is not very easy but can be achieved through practice.

The mind needs to be trained to be happy, calm, serene, peaceful, hopeful, joyful, blissful, contended and positive to bring an atmosphere of peace and serenity in this world. A happy and optimistic person always makes the right decision, makes the right choices and understands the opportunities to make life more satisfying. A person becomes more confident, secure and intelligent.

Training of the mind is possible through reading good books written by spiritual leaders, chanting the holy name of God, speaking and maintaining company with enlightened people. The company of people who entertain negative thoughts should be avoided. Upliftment of mind also takes place through noble deeds like helping the poor and needy, giving food to the hungry, charity, donations and humbleness.

Faith, belief and trust are again important pillars of a strong mind. A strong mind always looks for opportunities towards self growth and development. Such people believe in expansion of their skills and abilities. They always try to grow beyond boundaries and aim to achieve the unattainable. They follow a journey of inspiration, creativity, faith, firmness and perseverance. To live happily and create a life of positivism, we need to undergo a process or a journey starting from now, this very moment.

The Universe has abundance of positive energy. When we are able to train the mind and direct it towards attainment of spiritual, peaceful and constructive goals, we will be able to attract abundant positive energy from the Universe. The great author of ‘The Alchemist’ Paulo Coelho also gives the same message that when we focus our attention towards our goal; the whole Universe conspires to make it happen for us, creating opportunities all through our journey and guiding us with signals.

Article Source: [—Can-the-Mind-Attract-Positive-Energy-From-the-Universe?&id=7319702] The Power of the Mind – Can the Mind Attract Positive Energy From the Universe?



Today is Mahalaya which is the first day of the 10 days festival of Devi Navaratri in India. The tenth day is celebrated as Dushera. The day is also known as Vijaya Dashami. The day has special significance in Hinduism as it marks the victory of Good or Divine power over evil forces. It wasMother Goddess who faught and rescued people on earth from the demons. This is one of the major festivals of Hindus. These 10 days and 9 nights [Navaratri] are considered highly auspicious by people who follow Hinduism.

Goddess Durga is considered to be the Mother of this Universe and she represents the limitless power of the Woman as a Mother. These 10 days are dedicated to worship the divine mother. It is celebrated in a very grand manner in West Bengal and all over India.

Mahalaya is the beginning of this auspicious festival. The auspicious day of Mahalaya starts with early morning chants offered to invoke the blessings of Mother Goddess. This day has special significance in the life of the people of Bengal. The early morning chants on the day of Mahalaya are hymns known as Mahishasur Mardini which describes the power of Goddess who becomes the supreme power and destroys evil whenever evil trieS to harm her children.

The day marks the arrival of Mother Goddess on earth. Bengalees all over the World, feel a sense of emotional bonding with this day and with the festival of Durga Puja. The fresh breeze of early morning  on the day of Mahalaya brings along with it the season of festivals. Durga Puja is the biggest and the grandest festivals of Bengalees.

The festival of Mother Goddess also signifies the celebration of the infinite power of Woman. Women when provoked can over-power all the powers of negativity in thi world. When her children are in danger, a mother becomes supremely strong and  gains all the capacity needned to fight against all odds. She has the ability to overcome all obstacles with the power of her mind. Every woman is a mother and deserves to be treated with affection, dignity and honour.

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