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Diwali or Deepawali is the festival of lights, celebrated in India and by all India with grandeur and jubilation. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. People celebrate by offering prayers to Almighty God and by lighting lamps all around the house. Lamps are believed to bring Divine Energy and auspiciousness home driving negative energy. People greet each other, share gifts and sweets.

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It was a moment of joy for me, when I found a hand-made Diwali greeting card in my daughter’s School Bag where she returned from School. I thank her Teacher for this initiative. This made me so happy and feel so special. Happy Diwali Everyone.


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24 – The Most Fortunate Number


Today is 24th day of this year – January 24th.

Number 24 is one of the most fortunate numbers in Numerology. People born on the  24th of any month belongs to this number. The total of 2 and 4 gives a 6, which is represented by Planet Venus.


Venus stands for everything that is beautiful. People with strong position of Venus are natural lovers of art, beauty, love, music, creativy, money, peace, and harmony. People born on 6th and 15th are also Number 6 people with the qualities of personality Number 6 but 24 is different. This number is above all other numbers, in my opinion.

People born on 24th of any month are extremely fortunate, trust-worthy, successful, creative, and good individuals who spread the message of love and harmony all around. They are very well-behaved and maintain a balance in everything that do. They are also very energetic, sympathetic, generous helpful and sensitive.

It is believed by Numerologists that People who take birth of this date, are blessed with a reward by God, for all the good actions done in the previous births. They are friendly to all and gel well with people born on all the numbers. They can be lavish and extravagant. People born on this date are usually great musicians, artists, painters, singers, performers, actors and Philanthropists.

To conclude, I will say that there are 24 hours in a day which we are supposed to utilise in a thoughtful and constructive manner. We also know that Pure Gold is made up of 24 carats.

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Lord Vishwakarma is regarded as the Architect of the Universe


 Every year 17th September marks the day to celebrate Vishwakarma Puja. Lord Vishwakarma is regarded as the God of Architecture and Engineering in  Hinduism. It is grandly celebrated in the Indian states of West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. This day, all technical professionals take a day off to worship Lord Vishwakarma and their tools.

 Lord Vishwakarma is regarded as the presiding deity of all technicians, craftsmen, architects and mechanics. On this day, he is worshipped by all professionals who consider their tools to be their source of bread and butter. They worship their tools and seek the blessings of Lord Vishwakarma. They seek divine blessings for increasing their creativity and productivity which will lead them to attain perfection and prosperity

 Hastinapur, Indraprastha and Dwarka: In Hinduism, it is believed that Lord Vishwakarma is the designer and architect of this whole Universe. In the great epic poem Mahabharata, Lord Vishwakarma is credited for building the mythological cities of Hastinapur and Indraprastha,. The mythological city of ‘Dwarka’, [in the state of Gujarat in India] which is the abode of Lord Krishna, is also believed to be built by Lord Vishwakarma.

 The GoldenPalace of Lanka: In the epic poem Ramayana, we come across King Ravana and his palace made of Gold in Lanka [Sri Lanka]. There is a mythological story behind the Golden Palace of Lanka. In Hinduism, it is believed that Lord Shiva had requested Lord Vishwakarma to construct a Palace for him and his wife, Goddess Parvati. After the construction was complete, Lord Shiva invited King Ravana to perform the rituals of house warming.After the completion of rituals, Lord Shiva was pleased with King Ravana’s performance and asked him to demand anything as gift. The very wise King Ravana was so mesmerized with the beauty of the GoldenPalace that he asked Lord Shiva to give him the GoldenPalace as a gift. This is how; King Ravana got possession of the GoldenTemple at Lanka.



Precious God! My Lord – Let’s completely surrender to God


Life is full of challenges. Each day of life brings with it, new challenges, hardships, difficulties, anxieties and worries. All are struggling in their own way as they walk their own path of life. At times, it just becomes very difficult and painful to bear. When the mind is engulfed with pain, we seek divine help. We realize that it is only God, who can show us a way and protect us from all the pain of the World.

 Every time I feel disturbed and distressed from inside, I remember a song which we used to sing during our School assembly prayers. As a child, I used to love singing this song to myself in my mind often. It is still very close to my heart and when sadness hits me, I pray to God to keep his MIGHTY HAND on my head. I close my eyes and invoke divine presence in my mind making it calm and peaceful. The Divine hand of God represents the love, care and blessings of God. He showers his unconditional love and bestows us with the consciousness of his presence everywhere and within every soul. Almighty God is precious and invaluable.

 I don’t know the writer or composer of this song. But whoever has written the lyrics of this song, I salute that noble soul. The sentences are expression of a distressed soul. I’m sure everyone can relate with the lyrics of the song. At times, the road or journey of life appears to be too long, narrow and weary. But the very thought of God, gives calmness to the mind. All the burdens are released with the glimpse of God in the mind.

 The World is full of people who hurt us, cheat us, deceive us and betray us and often influence us in their own tricky and deceitful ways. Such experiences break us from inside. Our confidence on our own self often gets shattered and we get scared of people around us. It is in such situations we need the guidance of God. We pray to God to guide us out of the influence and grip of such evil company.

 The lines of this song have worked as medicine for my wounded soul. The song surely has magical touch and divine blessings. The song lyrics are as follows:

 “The road of life grows weary, sometimes so hard to bear.

But then I think of Calvary, I leave my burdens there.

Satan tempts me day by day, as I walk this narrow way. 
Precious Lord! Keep your mighty Hand on me.

As I start to meet the foe, in this world of grief and woe.
Precious Lord! Keep your mighty Hand on me.

Lord I give my life to you, use me as you wish to do.
Precious Lord! Keep your mighty Hand on me. 


As I face the storms of life, in this world of toil and strife.
Precious Lord! Keep your mighty Hand on me”.

On these bend knees I pray, 
Help me Lord, not to stray. 
Precious Lord keep your mighty Hand on me.”

In this toil and hardship of life, the only way out is to bend down in front of our Lord and surrender ourselves completely at his feet.