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Lord Buddha and His Teachings


Today, on this auspicious day of the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha, let us all meditate upon Lord Buddha and pray for peace and harmony. Let us determine to follow the values taught by him and lead a life of truthfulness, honesty and compassion.


By Shahakshay58 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Shahakshay58 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

The day, today is a highly auspicious day, as it marks the day of Lord Buddha’s appearance, disappearance and also enlightenment. Buddhists all over the World immerse in deep meditation on the teachings of Lord Buddha on this day. This day also reminds humanity the important message that was imparted by Lord Buddha. His teachings have always been highly relevant and it is even more relevant in the corrupt society of today.

Lord Buddha was born as a Prince and was named as Siddhartha. When he realised that people undergo severe pain during their lifetime, he was immensely disturbed. Later on, he gave up his Kingdom and all its comforts, in order to seek answers for all the questions that were troubling his mind.

He realized that the main reason behind sufferings of human beings is ‘desire’.  ‘Desires’ bring dissatisfaction and sufferings. He advocated the path of detachment. He taught the principles of Karma. His main teachings included the basic values of life and way of conduct. He wanted human beings to follow the path of right thought, action and deed.

Lord Buddha appeared on the full moon day of the month of  April-May according to Hindu calender. The followers of Lord Buddha and his teachings are Buddhists and the faith is famous as Buddhism. The teachings of Lord Buddha forms the basis of Buddhism.



The Best Gift of My Life


Today as the whole World celebrates Mother’s Day, I received the best gift of my life. My little daughter, who has just started going to School, gifted me a cute little card which says “LOVE YOU MOM”.


She is just 3 and a half years old and I was amazed to see that she, of course with the help of her Teacher has made this wonderful little card, just for me. My sincere gratitude towards my daughter’s Teacher, who has conceptualized this and made it happen. Many many thanks dear Teacher.

Today, as my little angel returned from School, she warned me not to open her bag as she knows that I will open her bag as I do everyday. This is my usual habit to check her bag, as soon as she returns home, so as to ensure that she has eaten her food that I had packed for her and also to check her School diary as her Teacher writes about the tasks completed in School and the portion to be completed as homework. I also check her books and it gives me immense pleasure to find a few stars or a well done comment with cute stickers given by her Teacher.

Today, probably this was instructed by her Teacher, she didn’t allow me to open her bag. She opened her bag and took out a cute little card and handed over to me saying “Love you Mummy”. I was thrilled to bits. I hugged her and said “Love you too darling”.

My daughter made my day today as she does everyday. Today, is very special, as I received the best gift of my life.

Card made by my daughter.

Card made by my daughter.