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Lessons for every Mother from the Book ‘French Kids eat everything’.


Mothers all around the World strive very hard to nurture their little ones with proper nourishment. They cherish the desire that their children should get the benefits offered by a variety of foods but often they fail. I’m one of those moms who miserably fail to fulfill this deep and sincere desire to feed my little daughter everything that is good for her. My little princess has a mind of her own and is a very fussy eater. I struggle very hard to accomplish the task of making her eat our  basic food which includes rice, fish, vegetables, fruits, milk and bread. Though, she likes chocolates and cakes like most other children.

While looking for innovative breakfast ideas I stumbled upon a book and its many reviews over the Internet. This excellent book has been written by a mother of two daughters and she shares 10 golden rules of making children eat their food.

The name of the author is Karen Le Billon.

The name of the book is:

“French Kids Eat Everything: How our family moved to France, cured picky eating, banned snacking, and discovered 10 simple rules for raising happy, healthy eaters”.


Here goes the 10 golden rules:

  1. Parents are in charge of food education. I remember, as I child, we got the lessons of appreciating food. We need to teach children the same rule of appreciating and loving food. Food education includes appreciation of food, understanding of what is good and not so good for growth and development. When they learn to appreciate and respect food, they will understand its real value and this big lesson will always help them when they grow up.
  2.  Parents should avoid emotional eating and stop giving rewards and bribes. Parents often, indulge in the process of bribing or rewarding children for doing things correctly. But, this should be avoided in terms of Food, is what the author instructs.
  3.  Children eat what adults eat, so parents need to schedule menu and food timings. It is very important to introduce variety of foods to children. Children like to imitate adults. When they observe adults eat something, they would also learn to eat in the same manner.
  4.  Family eats together and avoids distractions. We  often get carried away with what the Television offers. Sometimes, it becomes easy to feed children when they are engrossed in their favourite cartoon show or a dance sequence they love to watch. But, this actually may be not be a very healthy habit in the long run.
  5.  Vegetables offer the colors of a rainbow. Include vegetables of every colour in the menu and avoid repeating the dishes for more than once per week, is what the author suggests.
  6.  Mothers need to give this instruction very clearly that even if the child doesn’t LIKE IT, he/she has to TASTE IT. The author also adds that the French people tell their children that ‘they haven’t tried it enough number of times to start liking It’, when a child says that he/she didn’t like something after tasting it. So, we learn that we shouldn’t give up very easily and conclude that ‘he/she doesn’t like a particular food’. We need to try continuously and encourage them  to eat that particular ‘dislike’ dish more often, so that someday, we will just start loving it.
  7.  Limit the intake of Snacks. The author says that it is OK,  if the child feels hungry and this means that the child will have dinner properly. She recommends snacks time to be just once or twice in a day. Practically, it can be very difficult to implement for most of the urban parents.
  8.  Eat slowly as SLOW FOOD is HAPPY FOOD. This is absolutely correct. When we eat slowly, we eat less than the required [good for adults but not for children, I believe]. Food gets digested easily when eaten slowly. Children should be taught to chew food thoroughly before swallowing.
  9.  Real homemade food is healthy food. In this fast faced modern life, fast food and ready –to-eat- food made life easier for busy people but if we think deeply, we realize how unhealthy, this practice is.
  10.  Eating has to be joyful and not stressful. Finally, the author suggests that eating should be an enjoyable process and not just a strict routine.





24 – The Most Fortunate Number


Today is 24th day of this year – January 24th.

Number 24 is one of the most fortunate numbers in Numerology. People born on the  24th of any month belongs to this number. The total of 2 and 4 gives a 6, which is represented by Planet Venus.


Venus stands for everything that is beautiful. People with strong position of Venus are natural lovers of art, beauty, love, music, creativy, money, peace, and harmony. People born on 6th and 15th are also Number 6 people with the qualities of personality Number 6 but 24 is different. This number is above all other numbers, in my opinion.

People born on 24th of any month are extremely fortunate, trust-worthy, successful, creative, and good individuals who spread the message of love and harmony all around. They are very well-behaved and maintain a balance in everything that do. They are also very energetic, sympathetic, generous helpful and sensitive.

It is believed by Numerologists that People who take birth of this date, are blessed with a reward by God, for all the good actions done in the previous births. They are friendly to all and gel well with people born on all the numbers. They can be lavish and extravagant. People born on this date are usually great musicians, artists, painters, singers, performers, actors and Philanthropists.

To conclude, I will say that there are 24 hours in a day which we are supposed to utilise in a thoughtful and constructive manner. We also know that Pure Gold is made up of 24 carats.

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Numerology: The Science of Numbers


Numerology is a science or a branch of study which deals with numbers. It is believed that Numbers have the powers to reveal one’s personality and destiny. Numerology has become very popular these days and everyone is curious to know and understand the basics of Numerology.

I remember reading a book on numerology for the first time in life nearly 12 years ago. Since then, this subject has been an area of interest and this interest has always motivated me to read more on the topic. I never missed any opportunity to read and know more about numerology. The more I read and increased my knowledge of the subject, the more I realized how less I know. It is a vast and ancient subject.

With my knowledge of basic and foundation level of numerology, I felt of analyzing and writing down what I have learnt so far for better understand of my own self and also of my dear readers. I would like to clarify once again that I’m not an expert in this field; I’m just a follower, a learner and also a sincere reader. These pieces of information is dedicated to the experts whose writings I had read over the years and gained some knowledge in this field. I wish to write the basics of numerology in this article and everything in details beginning from number 1 to 9 in the following articles. I would like to invoke the blessings of God Almighty to give me the strength and ability to spread and share the knowledge I have gained over the years. So, here come the basics of numerology in this first article.

Everyone has 3 important numbers of their own. These numbers show the influence of planets which those numbers represent. The 3 important numbers are:

  1. Personality umber,
  2. Destiny Number [also known as Life Path Number]
  3. Name Number

Knowledge of one’s own lucky number is highly beneficial as people can plan their important work on days, when the date is favourable for them. It can make life more meaningful, enjoyable and worthy.

The date of the month when a person is born is his/her lucky number. This single digit number also shows the personality of a person. 

1. People born on the 1st, 10th, 19thand 28th of any month are ruled by Sun. We all know that the Sun is the mightiest and brightest of all objects in the Universe.

  • These people do carry the power, brightness and grandness of the mighty Sun.
  • They usually have a very strong career or profession.
  • They have a very strong mind with qualities like will power, determination, sincerity with a hard working nature and Strong Self-Esteem.

2. Those who are born on 2nd,11th, 20th, 29th are ruled by Moon.

  • They are usually very emotional and moody.
  • Moon is often associated with mind and mother whereas Sun is associated with brain and father.
  • They do have many friends.
  • They are people friendly and like to have many people around them.

3. People born on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th are ruled by planet Jupiter.

  • Jupiter is the biggest planet in the Universe and is considered as ‘Guru’ or Teacher by Indian Astrologers.
  • These people are good as human beings and are always loved by all.
  • They have leadership qualities and are very thoughtful beings.

4. Folks born on 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st are governed by Uranus.

  • They usually believe in changing outdated outlook into modern ideas.
  • They may have a struggling way but they come out victorious with the power of their mind.
  • They are excellent conversationalists.

5. People born on 5th, 14th and 23rd are governed by planet Mercury.

  • Planet mercury represent wisdom and knowledge.
  • Hence, these people are blessed with wisdom and excellent articulation.
  • They excel in group discussions.

6. People born on 6th, 15th and 24th are governed by Venus.

  • Venus represents art and beauty.
  • These people like everything that is beautiful.
  • They are usually very well-behaved, mild and artistic.

7. Those who are born on 7th, 16th and 25th are ruled by Neptune.

  • People born on these dates tend to be little moody.
  • It is believed that they have strong intuition power.

8. Folks born on 8th, 17th and 26th are ruled by planet Saturn.

  • These people are blessed with the ability to analyze and criticize things in detail.
  • They are very practical, hard working and progressive.

9. People born on 9th, 18th and 27th of any month are governed by Mars.

  • Mars is believed to be the Army-Chief of the planets and hence these people are found to be very organized and methodical.
  • Mars also represents fire and as a result, number 9 people are found to be little short-tempered.
  • They have tremendous mental energy and any form of physical activity like running, exercising and dancing is good for their mental well-being.