6 Ways to attract Good Luck



Human Being’s association with Good Luck symbols dates back to ancient times. People try to attract Good Luck in numerous ways.


  1. Lucky Numbers: Numbers play an important role in our lives. According to Numerology, the birth date of a person is his/her lucky number. For example, if a person is born on 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month, his/her Lucky Number would be number 1. This lucky number can be used to attract support of people or favourable situations thus making life little more optimistic.
  2.  Lucky Colours: There are colours which are more suitable for someone when compared to someone else. There are colours allotted to each day of a week as the ruling planet of the day. It is believed that wearing green on a Wednesday will benefit the person at Workplace or at an Educational Institution.
  3.  Lucky Gemstones: Wearing rings made of gemstones is an age old practice. Gemstones are believed to have chemical properties which radiate positive energy in the form of enhanced health, peaceful of mind and stronger relationships.
  4. Good Luck Symbols: There are many Symbols around us which are considered to be lucky by some or the other culture or Country.
  •  Hindus consider the symbol ‘OM’ as an auspicious symbol of divine presence, peace of mind and harmony.
  • Rainbow is said to be a Good Symbol.
  • Aquariums are also considered to bring auspiciousness to home.
  • Gold Fish is also believed to bring Good Luck.
  • White Horse is considered auspicious in many cultures.
  • Elephants symbolize auspicious ness in many cultures.
  • Star is also considered as a Good Luck symbol.
  1. Good Luck Charms: Feng Shui offers many Good Luck Charms to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

      The most famous Feng Shui items which are regarded as Good Luck Charms are:


6.  Invoking Divine Blessings: Sincere devotion and true prayers can act as protective man. Prayers have the ability to strengthen the mind and bring auspiciousness home.




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